Oak Grove High School in Charlotte, NC

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Oak Grove High School in Charlotte, NC

oak grove high school

Located in Charlotte, NC, Oak Grove High School has seen a significant increase in its student population over the last five years. The school has also experienced a significant growth in overall test scores and diversity. It has ranked in the top 30% of all schools in North Carolina for overall test scores and for College Readiness Ratings for different races and ethnicities.

Opened in August 2017

Davidson County Schools’ first new high school in 54 years is set to open in August. Oak Grove will serve as a feeder school for the overcrowded Ledford Senior High School. The building will also relieve pressure on North Davidson High School.

In the first year, Oak Grove High School will be home to a student population of 500. This includes a freshman class, sophomores, and juniors. By the end of the next school year, Oak Grove expects to have a student population of 900 to 1,300.

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The first graduating class at Oak Grove High School is the Class of 2020. It is the school’s first four-year graduating class.

In addition to the athletic program, Oak Grove has a varsity football team. The Panthers have won the conference championships in 2019 and 2022. This year, the wrestling program was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. The program has won 17 state titles over the past thirty years.

The program is part of the 3A Mid Piedmont Conference. It has won 31 top-four finishes at the state tournament. The program has had four four-time state champions. The practice room at the school resembles an Army concrete bunker.

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The program is led by Stan Smith, athletic director. Former wrestlers have taken turns leading the youth program. John Giffin, Guy Cates, and John Phillips have led the program.

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The staff at Oak Grove is currently working to get ready for the start of the school year. This includes over 50 people, including 35 teachers. They have been working for months to prepare for the new school. In the spring, Principal Dalton conducted over 150 interviews.

Placed in the top 30% of all schools in North Carolina for overall test scores

Despite the controversy over NCLB, the state boasts some of the best school choices on the continent. As of June 2015, the state boasts a well-rounded selection of private schools, charter schools, homeschooling, and special education scholarships. As a bonus, North Carolina is the second largest state virtual school in the U.S. Moreover, many of the state’s biggest schools are within city limits. For those who don’t want to be cooped up in a classroom for hours on end, the state also offers a number of unique online learning programs. This makes it one of the few states where students can choose the type of curriculum they learn best.

In a related story, the state offers the most comprehensive student assessment data from birth to graduation. This data includes not only grades, attendance and other academic data, but also behavioral and psychological indicators. The results are rigorously evaluated and are then ranked in order of magnitude. The state’s academic achievements are publicly reported every year.

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Diversity score

Amongst all high schools in California, Oak Grove High School ranks within the top 50% in both reading and English/Language Arts proficiency. The school is also one of the top 25% in California for AP offerings.

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However, it is possible that the school’s record may be unique. The school is not as homogenous as some others, and has a diverse student body. The student population is roughly half male and half female, and the racial split is 54:46.

The students are motivated and hardworking. They also have a variety of interests outside of traditional academics. The program is approved by the University of California and is designed to prepare students for admission to some of the most competitive universities in the country.

In addition to a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, Oak Grove High School offers Advanced Placement(r) courses. In the 2012-2013 academic year, 278 students took at least one AP test. The school also had a number of students who passed all of their AP exams. Some of these students took more than one AP course.

The school’s enrollment is growing. It had a total of 2116 students in 2011-2012. The growth could be due to the city of San Jose’s growing population. The school is Hispanic-aligned, and the demographics are likely to reflect the surrounding community.

The school’s graduation rate is below average. The number of law enforcement referrals is also low. It has a disciplinary actions rate of ten per 100 students.

Standardized tests are a key component to evaluating a high school. The Smarter Balanced tests are aligned with the Common Core standards.

The school’s math proficiency is below the state’s average. The school’s composite ACT score is 21. This score is higher than the national average of 20.

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College Readiness Ratings for different races/ethnicities

Almost three-quarters of the senior class of Mississippi’s public high schools are ready to take on the rigors of a college course. But seniors remain far behind the national average in terms of preparation. This disparity is mirrored by differences between white and black students. In fact, only one public high school graduated more than eighty percent of seniors who were ready for college math and science courses.

The college readiness rating of a school is determined by the performance of its students on state-required tests. For example, a high score on the ACT WorkKeys test is a good indication that a student is ready for a career and technical education program. The SAT is also an important indicator of readiness. The national ACT success rate is twenty-six percent.

A college readiness rating is usually the result of a combination of factors, including the amount of time spent in the classroom, the amount of homework assigned, and the scores on standardized tests. Often, a test is the best indication of how well a student has mastered a particular subject.

An assessment with the highest college readiness rating is the Achievement Test. It measures educationally relevant skills such as the ability to write a two-column essay or solve a flowchart. The test is designed to help students determine what they should be studying in the next grade. It is especially helpful for determining whether a student can move on to the next grade.

In North Carolina, Oak Grove High School ranked in the top thirty percent of all schools for the math proficiency and overall test scores. It also placed in the top twenty-five percent for the reading proficiency test.

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