Keep the Pressure on the Oakman Wildcats

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Keep the Pressure on the Oakman Wildcats

oakman wildcats

Having just lost to Northside, the Oakman Wildcats are looking to bounce back. In order to do this, they will have to keep the pressure on the West Point Warriors.

West Point Warriors

Despite a close scoreline, the West Point Warriors snagged the most important statistic of the game: the most points scored in a game by a team with a 9-2 record. The Warrior tallied 38 points against Fairview, including five touchdowns. The Wildcats held the line on their onsides kick, but were not able to stop the West Point rushing attack, which featured 313 yards from Cameron Moore and Alex Hernandez.

The Warriors racked up two of the best three quarters of play of the season. They used a balanced offensive attack to take control of the game, and the defense was impressive. They held Fairview to just seven points in the first half and forced three turnovers. The Warriors used the same offense to beat Hewitt-Trussville in the opener, but that was a one-point game.

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The Wildcats dominated the first quarter, scoring eight straight points before West Point had a chance to mount a comeback. The Warriors’ defense made some plays, but not enough to keep the home team in the game. The Warrior defense has had its ups and downs in recent weeks, and will need to match the pace.

The West Point offense was a bit sluggish in the first half, but the Broncos drained the glass in the second and third quarters. Freshman Tyler Cochran scored a game-high 11 points, while freshman Tyler Marks finished with four.

The Warrior’s defense should be able to handle the offense, but they have not been as successful against quick teams recently. They haven’t been able to stymie the Tigers’ rushing attack. Corey Ward completed 10 of 19 passes, but it was the rushing game that had the most positive effect.

The most important thing to know is that the Warrior’s defense will have to keep the ball out of the hands of a fast-paced offense. That said, the Warriors did have one of the best quarters of the year, gaining 539 yards and snagging five sacks. During the game, Aidan Dujoud scored four points, and Jacob Harbison finished with two.

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The West Point Warriors have a big test on their hands, and will have to win if they want to remain in the hunt for a top-four regional spot. The Broncos are 2-2 in the region, and have games at Fultondale and Vinemont on the schedule next week. The Warriors are 8-2 overall and are still in third place in the region.

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Red Level Tigers

Besides the usual suspects, Red Level was on the ball Friday night against a ranked Oakman Wildcats team. The Tigers managed to keep up with their opponents for much of the night, and the end result was a 69-31 win. The biggest cheerleader was head coach Virgil Smith. Despite a few early deficits, the Tigers were able to mount a comeback. Several of the bigger names were on display, including senior ninja Brodie Hicks, who scored on a blocked punt less than a minute into the game.

Several of the aforementioned Tigers made plays of their own. Zach Boggan had 18 points, while JAKOBI ALBERT returned an interception 71 yards for a score. The Tigers also showed up on special teams, as KEYLON HIGGINS had four tackles and a few sacks. The Red Level defense was up front and aggressive, and a few turnovers helped the Tigers.

In addition to the usual suspects, the Red Level Tigers matched Oakman’s high-octane offense, and the Tigers showed up for the second half. They were able to pull out the win thanks to a few key plays, a few stout tackles, and a few nifty trick plays. During the final quarter, the Tigers outscored their foes 32-21.

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It was an impressive showing by the Tigers, as they were able to take the lead in the third quarter. While the Tigers weren’t able to match the Wildcats’ scoring output, they did manage to find the end zone twice, most notably in the first quarter. In the end, the Tigers won their first playoff game in a decade, and if they can get past the Texans in the next round, they should be in the running for the Class A state title. A big thanks goes out to the coaches and players for a great season. For more information on the program, visit You can also follow them on Twitter @RedLevelTigers. They are also on Facebook. The team’s Twitter and Facebook pages are updated daily, so be sure to follow them for the latest news and updates. You’ll also find the official schedule, standings, and statistics for the 2012 Red Level Tigers.

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Loss to Northside

Having been a hot and cold team this season, Oakman had a tough time containing Colbert Heights last week. The Wildcats were unable to slow down the spread-attacking offense. They ended up with a 42-35 loss.

While they are now 2 wins away from tying Chip Atkins for most wins in school history, Oakman’s road draw is tough. They travel to Cold Springs next week. They must make sure they can run the ball between tackles out of wing-T.

They have had some good running games this year. They have a couple of really effective backs: Jason Warden and Isaac Veitch. They have also played great defense. They had a lot of turnovers. They are going to have to do a better job protecting Dusty Cornelius.

They will also have to get lined up properly. They haven’t been very good this season at defending kickoff returns. They will have to do a better job of keeping Oakman’s return men in check.

They have a lot of talent, but the linebackers need to give them time to throw the ball. The Panthers’ offensive front needs to be able to give the line time to get to the ball. They will have to play physical against the Oakman offense.

They are a team that is going to have to be able to play physical to stop the Oakman running game. They have to be able to cover their kicks and they have to have a solid passing game to open up the running lanes for Billy Rushing. They also have to get the ball to their leading scorer, Mezziah Oakman.

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They had a few really nice plays last week, but they didn’t have their leading scorers. They missed three free throws. They got one back late, but they also gave up a long touchdown run.

They have a very tough schedule next week. They will have to be able to win against teams that have won two or more games. They will also have to be able to keep Curry from wearing them down. They will need to be able to hold them to 26 points or less.

Team feed

During the second round of the Class 3A playoffs, the Saks Wildcats defeated the Oakman Wildcats 36-22. The game was a shootout in the first four quarters. It was tied at 14-14 midway through the second quarter. Then, the Wildcats went on a drive, which ended in a 57-yard touchdown pass to Shoe Elston. The two-point conversion was converted by Gavin Doss.

After the first two drives went awry, the Wildcats settled down and won the opening round. Then, a key defensive play in the final minute of the fourth quarter proved to be a big difference. The Wildcats held Oakman to 91 yards, the smallest total of the night.

On the next drive, Parnell threw for a touchdown, and the Wildcats scored their fifth touchdown. After a bad punt snap in the end zone, the Wildcats gained possession. They kept the ball when Oakman was penalized for targeting. They drove for a touchdown, and a two-point conversion was converted by Gavin.

The Saks Wildcats have reached the Round of 3 after beating the Oakman Wildcats 36-22 in the second round of the Class 3A playoffs. They will now take on the Fyffe Wildcats in the third round. The Wildcats have been wearing grey jerseys at home this season. They also have worn them several times on the road. They are the same style as the Indianapolis Colts’ jerseys.

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