Hubbertville High School

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Hubbertville High School

hubbertville high school

Located in the community of Hubbertville, North Fayette County, Alabama, the Hubbertville School serves 420 students annually. Compared to the rest of the state, Hubbertville School ranks in the bottom half of all schools in Alabama in overall test scores, the student population, and PTA membership.


Located in the Hubbertville community, Hubbertville High School is one of the most cultural features of Fayette County. This historic school was formed when four small one-room schools were consolidated in 1923. The Hubbertville Community worked hard to make this dream a reality. The Hubbert School first opened its doors on October 8, 1923. The building was built from a brown frame building with cedar shingles. Classes were held in homes and churches during the reconstruction process.

In the 1920s, the school began to expand and add more students. Wiley Hollingsworth, a teacher and coach at Hubbertville, helped organize an athletic department. He also applied for a $46,000 Works Progress Administration grant. The school added the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. Hollingsworth also remodeled the old gym auditorium into a library. He also oversaw construction of a softball complex and lunchroom. He retired in 1990.

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In the 1950s, Hubbertville High School won the Class A Section Four football championship. They also won the Class B state championship in football and basketball. The Hubbertville baseball team played its first home game in 2017. In 2014, Hubbertville was runner-up in the class 1A state football playoffs. The Hubbertville football team plays in the Hubbertville Stadium.


Located in a quaint little town just outside of Lexington Kentucky, Hubbertville High School is the smallest school in the state. In the past six years, they have won more than just their share of trophies. Some of the accolades they have received include state championships in football, basketball, and volleyball. The school also has a stellar baseball program. In fact, they played their first game at home in 2017. The school had one of the best sports programs in the state. Several players have gone on to play in college, including a couple of standouts from last year.

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Tre Tranum, who is a senior at the school, is a varsity athlete in a variety of sports. His name might be on the tip of your tongue, but he has been in the game for the better part of a decade. He is also a student of the arts. One of the more exciting things he has been up to lately is his knack for the trifecta.


Despite its small size, Hubbertville has a full complement of athletics. The athletic department, under the tutelage of head coach Lamar Harris, has been around for a good number of years. This year, the school presented scholarships to three athletes. Here are a few notable players.

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The best thing about this athletic program is that it is a family affair. Despite its small size, the program has produced multiple notable athletes. Those include the following. In addition to a stellar football program, the school has produced notable athletes in volleyball, baseball, softball, and track and field. This year, the school will field a full complement of varsity volleyball teams. This is a huge boost to the overall athletic program. It also has a small but dedicated weightlifting team, under the stewardship of coach Mike McCoy. In addition to sports, the school has a strong performing arts program as well. In recent years, the program has produced notable athletes including: Trevor Tranum, Andrew Miller, and Tristan Nairemore. The aforementioned athletes are also the namesakes of several alumni.

The Hubbertville high school football team has been around for a while. While it hasn’t produced a major bowl season in recent years, the school has made the playoffs in a number of years.

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During the school year of 1947, Hubbertville’s Glen Allen School burned to the ground. The community rallied together to rebuild the school. During construction, classes were held in local churches.

Hubbertville’s school program continued to grow. The first computer lab was installed at the school. Wiley Hollingsworth, then the school’s principal, helped establish an athletic department. The school also was able to secure a $46,000 Works Progress Administration grant. Hollingsworth also worked to set up a vocational agriculture program.

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The Hubbertville Senior Citizens Club has sponsored many school activities. They will be celebrating their 75th anniversary on October 8. This year’s event will include a slide show, school memorabilia, and a cookout in the stadium. The event will begin at 6 p.m.

On Friday night, Hubbertville hosted Marion County Red Raiders. Hubbertville was defeated 44-14 by the top ranked Region Five Bears. The Hubbertville Lady Lions played in the Class 1A, Area 12 Tournament at Guin. They lost 53-24 to Class 3A Phil Campbell.

The Hubbertville Lions will start their second season as a football team. Hubbertville’s head coach is considered one of the “old men” in county high school coaching. He is entering his sixth season as a head coach.

Ancestry’s yearbooks for Hubbertville High School

Fortunately, you don’t need a big-dollar buck to sift through Ancestry’s yearbook database to find a treasure trove of ephemera. A cursory perusal of the pages will reveal that there are 3 yearbooks in the canonical Hubbertville High School. The best of the lot is arguably the school’s second largest class, the class of yore. The aforementioned sextet is comprised of a whopping 12 students, a couple of slouches and a few stragglers. A cursory scan of the pages will reveal that a majority of the aforementioned stragglers are male. A cursory scan of the pages also reveals that a majority of the aforementioned males are affluent, and the aforementioned sextet is affluent.

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Student population has declined by 11% over five school years

During the past five school years, the student population at Hubbertville High School has decreased by 11%. In addition, the enrollment of the entire public school system in Franklin County decreased by 3%. This is in contrast to the state public school membership that decreased by just 10.5%.

The Hubbertville High School Lion Pride Marching Band was named “Best in Class” in the local marching band contest. Hubbertville has a 7-3 football team.

The Hubbertville Community Park includes a concession stand, restrooms, and a walking trail. There are also outdoor basketball courts. This is the only athletic program offered at Hubbertville School. The school has an award-winning cheerleading squad.

The Hubbertville School has been accredited by the State of Alabama since 1935. The school is also accredited by the Southern Association. The Hubbertville community has been a supporter of the school from its beginning. The school’s PTA is still active today. It has helped fund almost every school project. During the depression, the community raised $3000 to pay for a new school building.

Hubbert School PTA won the Most Outstanding Program Award at the 1983 State PTA Convention. It has also helped fund a Write-to-Read laboratory for kindergarten through second grade students. The Hubbertville Senior-Citizens Club has also supported the school.

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