Fairview High School in Cullman, Alabama

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Fairview High School in Cullman, Alabama

fairview high school cullman al

Choosing the right school for your child is a complicated process, especially when you consider things such as test scores, suspension rates, and population. In this article, we’ll look at the Fairview High School in Cullman, Alabama.


Located in northeast Cullman County, Fairview is a small town that was first settled in the 1840s. By the turn of the twentieth century, it had several sawmills and a general store. It was renamed in the late 1890s. Fairview High School is a public school in Cullman, Alabama. The school is located at 841 Welcome Rd.

Fairview High School has 504 students from grade nine to twelve. The school has a student-teacher ratio of 16.8. It placed in the top 20% of all schools in Alabama for overall test scores. The school also has 31.2 full-time teachers. The school is part of the Cullman County Board of Education.

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The population of Fairview increased by 97 people from the 2010 Census. The average household size was 2.78. The household income was $31,875. The per capita income was $13,817. There were 188 households with children under 18 living in them. The median household income was $46,875. The household size was 3.06. The population was spread out. The median age of the population was 33 years. There were 13.8% of the population who were under 18 and 10.8% of the population who were divorced.

Fairview residents are predominantly white. In fact, 90.7 percent of Fairview’s respondents identified as white. Another 12.0 percent identified as Hispanic or Latino. The Black race population was significantly below the state average.

Fairview is located along State Highway 69. It is bounded by County Road 1527 on the northwest-southeast side. The area was named Lawrence Chapel in the 1840s. The first telephone switchboard was installed in 1919. The town was named after a Methodist Episcopal church.

The school district includes Fairview Elementary School, which was destroyed by a tornado in 1932. The school was accredited by the State Board of Education in 1925.

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Schools near Fairview High School

Whether you’re in the market for a new home or you’re just curious about what goes into making a well rounded human being, you’ll want to know about the schools in and around Cullman, Alabama. Luckily, the school district has a robust online resource if you’re curious enough to do a bit of digging. Whether you’re in the market for an elementary school, high school, or you’re looking to send your son or daughter to a prep school, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here.

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While Fairview High School may not be the best school in the state, it is certainly the best public high school in the area. In fact, its enrollment is so high that it isn’t uncommon for the school to be running two grade levels concurrently. On top of that, the school boasts a student-teacher ratio of roughly 16.8. With a student body of over 500, there is certainly no shortage of teachers to go around. While you’re at it, you might want to check out the school’s sports and activities calendar. The school also features a student handbook and an after school club for those wishing to engage in some friendly competition.

The school also has a reputation for being a friendly community, so you can expect your child to make friends as soon as they enter the doors. You’ll also want to check out the school’s website and social media pages for a feel for the community. You’ll also want to pay attention to the school’s attendance numbers as the school year rolls on.

Test scores

During the 2012-2013 school year, Fairview High School was one of the most successful high schools in Alabama, claiming a spot in the top 20% of all Alabama high schools. The school’s ranking is based on several factors, including their reading and math test scores. The school is located in Fairview, Alabama. It is part of the Cullman County School District.

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Fairview High School boasts a plethora of features and facilities. The school is in the 6th Great Lakes – West Conference. They can boast several perks, including special needs programs and a sports club that is exempt from the Internal Revenue Code. They also have a student-teacher ratio of 16.8. The school is close to parks and recreational areas. The school is also a short drive from a number of reputed universities and other educational institutions.

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The school has an impressive track and field facility. They are also a part of the Rocky Mountain – French Field system. Aside from sports, they offer a variety of vocational programs, including the Polaris Career Center. They are also a member of the National Collegiate Sports Association (NCSA).

The NCSA is a nonprofit organization that works with high schools across the country to teach their athletes about the recruiting process. It also provides a variety of classes and events, including a College Recruiting Simplified seminar and a book about athletes wanted.

Fairview High School also has an impressive student/teacher ratio. They have 31.2 full-time teachers. The school’s sports program features a football team that competes in the sixth Great Lakes – West Conference. They also play special needs, in addition to regular and junior varsity sports. They have an annual senior parent meeting and a holiday marketplace.

Suspension rates

Keeping tabs on your student’s out of school time activities is a top priority. Unfortunately, some kids get out of hand and are in need of a little extra TLC. Luckily, there are a few programs available to help. These programs are geared toward helping students with learning differences or behavioral problems. Some examples include Positive Behavior Intervention Supports and Peer to Peer Programs.

Suspension rates vary by local education agency. For instance, Fairview High School in Cullman, Alabama has a student body of 538. The school is also home to a state ranked athletics program. The high school plays host to a number of high profile athletes and has hosted a number of state and national tournaments. The school has a student population that is spread across grades nine through twelve. The school also houses a number of special needs students with learning differences. It is not surprising that the number of out of school time suspensions in this district is on the rise. The most common citations include truancy, bullying, substance abuse and drug related offenses. While these are all issues, they can be minimized by keeping tabs on their students.

One such program is the Suspension Management Program, or SMP, which was introduced in the fall of 2007. The program was implemented in response to a spate of suspensions, most of which occurred in the school’s athletics department. The program is meant to reduce the number of incidents involving student misbehavior and improve the school’s reputation. The program is also designed to improve the quality of the district’s athletics program.

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The school also boasts a number of notable faculty members, including former NFL quarterback and current Alabama college football coach Troy Bolton, who served as a student body representative in the early 1990s.

Distance from downtown Cullman

Located in north Alabama, Cullman is a small town that boasts a number of historic sites. It is also home to a number of festivals. It was recently named one of the 50 best Southern small towns.

One of the most popular attractions in Cullman is the Ave Maria Grotto. This grotto is filled with miniature replicas of religious landmarks from around the world. It is also known for its awe-inspiring church.

Another famous attraction is the Cullman County Museum. It is a replica of the home of the city’s founder. The museum is located near the center of Cullman.

There are many historic houses in Cullman. The Carothers-Brown-Robertson-Clemmons House and the Ruel-Moyer House are two historic houses in the city.

The Cullman Downtown Commercial Historic District is a two-block district that includes a number of new buildings as well as historic buildings. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.

The Betz Addition Historic District is also located in Cullman. This district contains several houses that were built between 1875 and 1930. This district is also known as Quality Hill.

Cullman County Park is located 10 miles west of downtown Cullman. The park features several historic sites, a working grist mill, and a log cabin. The park is accessible on Google Maps.

There are several hotels in Cullman. The La Quinta Inn & Suites Cullman is one of the most popular hotels. There are also several chain hotels. Hotels in Cullman usually cost around 77 USD a night.

The Cullman Community College is also located in Cullman. The college is on a 300-acre campus. The college has had three presidents in the last fifty years. The college offers early enrollment programs for qualified students.

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