Elkmont High School Rankings

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Elkmont High School Rankings

elkmont high school

ELKMONT HIGH SCHOOL is one of the largest schools in the state of Michigan, which means that its students have access to a wide range of resources. For example, the school is home to one of the largest libraries in the state, and the campus is surrounded by two lakes. It also offers a number of athletic opportunities, including football, basketball, volleyball, and track and field. In addition, its students can also take advantage of a variety of extracurricular activities, including theater, music, and art.

Number of students

Located at 25630 Evans Avenue in Elkmont, Alabama, Elkmont High School is part of the Limestone County School District. It serves students from pre-kindergarten through high school. The school is considered a “small” school, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the resources to offer a high quality education. Elkmont High School has a student population of 1094 students. It’s not unusual for a school to have a student body of this size.

The largest demographic at Elkmont High School is white, with a little more than half of the students being of African descent. The second largest group is Hispanic, and the third largest is black. Asians make up the fourth largest group.

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The most impressive statistic at Elkmont High School is the student-teacher ratio, which comes in at 29.3. The school also offers an impressive list of extracurricular activities. While the school has been relatively successful at the athletics front, it has not been as successful in other areas.

The number of students at Elkmont High School may be impressive, but it’s not quite the panacea parents think it is. The district’s lack of resources may be an issue, and it’s easy to see why parents would want to send their kids to a school that offers a more comprehensive and quality education. As a result, Elkmont High School’s student population may be on the decline. Before making a decision, parents should check with their local school district for specific information.

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Elkmont High School’s Student-Teacher Ratio (STR) is not a bad thing, but it’s still far from the high performing schools in the area. Fortunately, the district has a new administrator on the way. With more than 10 years under his belt, the new man should be able to put the kibosh on Elkmont’s mediocre performance. In the meantime, parents should look into other options in the area. It is possible for a school district to provide a high quality education for a reasonable price.

Student-teacher ratio

Having a low student to teacher ratio is an important indicator of optimal teaching excellence. This shows that there is a better learning environment for students and that there is more individual attention for each student. This also means that there is a better chance that students will succeed.

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Elkmont High School is a public high school located in Elkmont, Alabama. It is part of the Limestone County School District. It serves students in grades 6-12. It is a member of the Advanced Education Accredited school group. Elkmont High School offers a wide range of activities and programs for students. It is located in a town within commuting distance of Huntsville and Florence.

Elkmont High School has a student body that is made up of six ethnic groups. The largest group is white. Other groups are black, Asian, and Hispanic. Approximately 21% of the student body is minority. The students at Elkmont High School are mostly economically disadvantaged.

This school has a total of 37 full time teachers and 53 part time teachers. It has a full time resource officer and a full time nurse. It has a student population of 650 students. It is a public school and is located in Limestone County, Alabama. It is one of seven high schools in Limestone County.

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The building was constructed in 1912 and was the first county high school in Limestone County. It was built with money from the sale of the old school building and state funds. The building included an auditorium, music room, and library.

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The student to teacher ratio at Elkmont High School is 29.3. This is slightly lower than the state average of 45%. This is because the school is a smaller school that offers a better chance for individual attention for all students. There are 37 full time teachers and 53 part time teachers at Elkmont High School. This is a relatively small school that is at risk of mediocrity. The school is not on the recruiting track and is in need of a new administrator.

Test scores

Among the seven high schools in Limestone County, Elkmont High School is not the most popular, but it is not the worst. In fact, it is one of the better performing high schools in the area. The school has a lot to offer, including Advanced Placement (AP) coursework and exams.

It is also close to other quality schools, including Limestone College and D3 schools. It is also one of the closest high schools to Athens, Alabama. It is also one of the larger high schools in the area, with 617 students enrolled in grades 6 through 12. In the midst of a tough economic climate, the school is trying to make the best of a bad situation. It is also considering hiring a new administrator, who might be able to help it get back on track.

It is not the first place to look, but if you’re in the market for a new school, it might be worth considering Elkmont. The school has the ol’ fashioned small town feel, and the location is a big plus. It is also close to the highway, allowing for a quick commute. The school is ranked in the top one percent of high schools in the state, albeit not among the top three. It also has one of the highest minority student populations of any school in Limestone County, with approximately 21% of its students being minority.

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Whether you’re a parent looking to send your child to school or a student looking for a new school, you should consider these Elkmont high school rankings. They will tell you about the school’s strengths and weaknesses. They will also give you a glimpse of how well the school prepares its students for college.

These rankings are based on test scores and other metrics, such as the number of minority students. The school has a minority student enrollment of 21 percent. However, the school’s overall performance is not quite as good as it should be, as it placed in the bottom half of all schools in Alabama in reading proficiency and overall test scores. The school also had difficulty hiring quality personnel.

The Elkmont high school is located in Limestone County School District. It serves 617 students in grades 6-12. It has been ranked as the 159th best school in Alabama and is ranked #10,081 in the national rankings. The school has Advanced Placement(r) courses and offers an Advanced Placement exam. The school has a small student body and limited resources. It is also a high school that does not have a lot of athletic opportunities. However, the school’s football team did receive some positive attention in its recent season.

Overall, Elkmont is a decent school, but it may change direction after June 2013. If you’re looking to send your child to Elkmont, you should check with the school before making a decision. The school is close to several other D3 schools, but it isn’t on the recruiting track.

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