Crossville High School Celebrates Three Major Events

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Crossville High School Celebrates Three Major Events

crossville high school

Throughout the school year, Crossville High School hosts a variety of events to celebrate the school’s students, staff, and community. Among those events are Homecoming, the Homecoming queen contest, and the Diversity Score. This article will briefly explore each of these events and what they mean to the school and the students.

Homecoming queen

During the month of February, the Crossville High School Lions celebrated Homecoming with a win against Southeastern. The seniors took home the top prize. As part of the celebration, the school also hosted a homecoming game on Friday. This was the school’s biggest event to date.

A number of students were given honors including the aforementioned homecoming queens, a couple of cheerleaders and a handful of juniors. Among them was a high-flying sophomore named Caleb Bailey. Bailey is a Presidential Scholar and Student Ambassador. He plans to transfer to Jacksonville State University in the fall. Bailey plans to major in Business Administration and minor in Finance. He is also a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

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Crossville High School also holds the distinction of being the “School of Excellence” in Alabama by A+ College Ready. A large part of the reason for the accolades is that the school teaches great role models to its next generation. A large part of this is a well-rounded curriculum with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The school also teaches its students to be civic minded. A great school is one that teaches its students to make their mark on the world. A great school is one that inspires a sense of community and a true sense of ownership. A great school teaches its students to do the right thing, regardless of the cost.

In a nutshell, Crossville High School is a great school to attend if you live in Dekalb County. The staff and students are all nice and the community is a warm and welcoming place. If you are in the market for a new school, be sure to check out Crossville High School.

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Test scores

Besides a stellar graduation rate, Crossville High School is an Advanced Placement (AP) school. Currently, the school has 594 students and has 35 teachers. The school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities including a Spanish Club, Quiz Bowl, and the Student Council. In the last two years, the school’s number of minority students has increased to 77%.

Crossville High School boasts one of the best student to teacher ratios in the district, as well as a large number of extracurricular activities. The school also offers an Advanced Placement (AP) course and several Advanced Placement (AP) exams. In addition, the school offers Future Farmers of America (FFA) and a Spanish Club.

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The Crossville High School is a member of the DeKalb County School System. The district is comprised of eight high schools. These include Crossville High School, which is the second largest high school in DeKalb County, and DeKalb High School. The district has a strong emphasis on academics and offers dual credit classes for high school students who are interested in gaining college credit while still in high school. The district also offers a number of extracurricular activities, including the Student Council, Quiz Bowl, and Spanish Club. In the last two years, the district’s number of minority students has increased to seventy-seven percent.

The Crossville High School is among the top 250 schools in the state of Alabama. The district’s test scores have shown a 2.7 percent improvement since two years ago. The state Department of Education released statewide test scores, but did not provide raw data for individual schools. The school’s test scores did not make the grade in time for final grades to be calculated in January.

Races/ethnicities of students

Throughout Crossville High School, the majority of students are Hispanic. This is not a surprise, as Crossville is located in DeKalb County, Alabama, which is one of the state’s largest counties with a population that is predominantly Hispanic.

Crossville is one of eight high schools in DeKalb County. DeKalb County has an open-door policy, which allows students to transfer between schools if they choose.

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In the past decade, the number of immigrants has increased in Crossville. Many of the students are teenagers, and they don’t participate in extracurricular activities. Some of these students drop out of school before they graduate. The school district has struggled to provide extra services for these students.

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The number of Hispanic students at Crossville High School is almost 80 percent. The school district has finally added an ELL (English as a second language) teacher this year. The district is trying to help the students learn the language and take classes that will prepare them for college.

The school is ranked 250th in the state and is in the bottom half of all schools in Alabama for overall test scores and math proficiency. It also has a high suspension rate. This means less time for teaching and learning.

Crossville High School offers Advanced Placement (AP) coursework. In 2015, the school had a graduation rate of 89 percent. This rate is on par with the state’s average for students of all races. It has a diversity score of 0.40, meaning that it is in the bottom half of schools in the state for race/ethnicity.

The school’s student-to-teacher ratio is 18-to-1. The district employs 34.5 full-time teachers. The school spends an average of $8,679 on each student.

Diversity score

Using the Ethnic Diversity Index, we examined the common characteristics of the most diverse schools. Our analysis found that schools that are racially and economically diverse have higher diversity scores. These scores range from 40 percent to 65 percent. However, schools can have scores as high as 75 percent. In the case of Crossville High School, the score is 0.61.

The Ethnic Diversity Index measures diversity in the student population. There are two main types of diversity groups: the plurality group and the non-plurality group. The plurality group comprises about 46 percent of all students. The non-plurality group includes white students, African American students, and Latino students.

A school can have a diversity score of up to 75 percent. A diversity score of 50 percent indicates that a school has a more diverse student population than a school with a score of 30 percent. However, the highest score is only possible if each group is evenly represented. In Crossville High School, the Hispanic student population accounts for 77% of the student body.

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In the case of Crossville High School, 77% of the students are economically disadvantaged. This represents a high concentration of at-risk students in the school. In most cases, these students comprise a majority of the student body. The school is also one of the few schools that offer Advanced Placement coursework. The school placed in the bottom half of all schools in Alabama for math and reading proficiency.

The percentage of African American students in the school dropped by 18 percentage points. This was the largest change in racial diversity scores among schools. Schools with positive changes to their student population increased diversity scores by 3.7 percentage points.


Despite its modest student body, Crossville High School ranks high on a number of lists. The school was built in 2001 and has a proud record of academic excellence. The latest technology abounds at the school, including a dedicated Advanced Placement (AP) center and a Google Chromebook initiative. The school is located in the southeastern corner of DeKalb County and is the only true 9th-12th Grade school in the district. The school was ranked the top 250 schools in Alabama.

The school has a rich history of innovation, a storied athletic program, and an exemplary faculty. It is also the only school in the district to boast a dedicated computer lab. In addition to a full-time library, the school also boasts an outstanding performing arts department. It is also the only public high school in the district to offer an Advanced Placement (AP) program.

During the 2013-2014 school year, Crossville High School made the transition from a 6th-12th Grade school to a true 9th-12th Grade school. This has allowed the school to become the only public high school in the district to implement a Chromebook initiative. The school also boasts a plethora of other notables, including a plethora of AP courses, a competitive athletic program, and the largest library in the district.

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