Carbon Hill Bulldogs – Region 5 Playoffs

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Carbon Hill Bulldogs – Region 5 Playoffs

carbon hill bulldogs

Located in the town of Carbon Hill, Arkansas, the Carbon Hill Bulldogs have been playing high school sports since 1968. The team competes in the 4A, Region 5 league. They are a member of the Arkansas State High School Athletic Association (AHSAA). The team has won eight conference championships in its history.

Jemison Panthers

Despite the fact that Carbon Hill rolled up a 78-7 score, the Bulldogs are still looking for their first win of the season. The Jemison Panthers are a much different animal and will be a tougher challenge for the defending champs. The two teams will go head to head in the coming weeks. The Jemison juggernaut has been playing like a team possessed for the past five years and can be counted among the most complete echelons in the state.

The Bulldogs were on a bye the previous weekend and did not have the luxury of resting on their laurels. They managed to put up a respectable number of points and will be playing their final game of the season next week. For the defending champs, the main event is on the horizon and their upcoming opponent will be a retooled squad. The best bet is to go in hard and come out of the gates with a bang. The Bulldogs are known for their defense, but the offense isn’t half bad and they’re the type of team that can put up points no matter the circumstances.

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The Bulldogs are averaging over a hundred yards a game rushing wise and a whopping four touchdowns apiece. The offensive line is a cohesive unit and the scrimmage lines are a testament to the fact that they can get their man on the field. The defense is no slouch either, as they have forced three turnovers and have forced four fumbles so far this season.

Winfield Pirates

Despite the fact that the Winfield Pirates defeated the Carbon Hill Bulldogs 62-0 on Friday, Winfield still has some work to do if they want to be the best in the area. The Pirates have been putting up some good numbers this year, but they will have to face some stiff competition in the near future if they want to keep their season alive.

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The Winfield Pirates were impressive on both sides of the ball. The aforementioned “Melon” was the best score they gave up in the first quarter, and the Winfield defense kept them out of the end zone in the third quarter. The Bulldogs tallied 321 total yards of offense, but they were not quite as impressive on the ground.

The Bulldogs’ defense was a bit more impressive in the second quarter. They held Carbon Hill to just 240 total yards, including a surprisingly bad first quarter. The aforementioned “Melon” score was actually a “point after” tally, as Carbon Hill did not score until about the halfway point of the second quarter.

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The Bulldogs’ defense was also impressive in the third quarter. They held Carbon Hill to 83 yards in the red zone and two punts. This is not as impressive as it sounds, since the Pirates are averaging a little over 100 yards rushing on average. The Winfield defense has been impressive all season, and they were on display Friday.

The Bulldogs racked up the most points for a regular season game in Winston County, and they will be ready to keep the momentum going with a trip to the state tournament in Huntsville next week. The Bulldogs are now 2-1 in region play. They will also be preparing for a showdown with county rival Oneonta on Friday. They will have their hands full with the Buccaneers next week, but they will have plenty of experience to draw upon.

The Winfield Pirates have their sights set on beating Piedmont, and they will look to make this year the best of the bunch. A win against Piedmont will be the first for the Pirates since last season, and they will have the opportunity to avenge their loss to the Bulldogs last year.

Good Hope (4A, Region 5)

Despite going 1-1 in the 4A region, Good Hope is still a contender to qualify for the playoffs. After defeating the fourth-ranked Fayette County Tigers in a Region 5 game, the Raiders made history by making their first playoff appearance. This season, Good Hope will play Priceville, Mortimer Jordan, and Carbon Hill in the regular season. They will also compete in a region with strong teams such as Cullman, Jasper, Mortimer Jordan, Decatur Red Raiders, and Mortimer Jordan.

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The Raiders were tied with Fayette County at 1-1 in Region 5 play. Good Hope took a 13-12 lead in the third quarter. The Bulldogs got their offense going in the fourth quarter. After a two-point conversion attempt was blocked by Isaiah Green, the Bulldogs got the ball back at the 18-yard line. They had an eight-play, 40-yard drive that ended with a touchdown pass. Carbon Hill defended the ball well and ended up punting on the next series.

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Good Hope led 17-12 on the ensuing series. However, the Bulldogs’ defense held the Raiders to nine first downs the rest of the game. On the next series, Good Hope’s defense stopped Carbon Hill on fourth down.

Good Hope looked like it would score on the first play of the next drive. However, the Bulldogs were flagged for a personal foul. On the next series, the ball moved back to the 18-yard line.

Matt Dixon was the strong ball carrier on Good Hope’s ensuing series. Dixon carried the ball 21 times for 76 yards. He also scored the Raiders’ only touchdown. After an interception by Isaiah Green, Dixon picked up the ball and ran it back to the 22-yard line. He finished the game with a touchdown and a sack.

The Raiders’ defense also held the Bulldogs to eight yards in the first quarter. After an interception, the Raiders’ defense held the Bulldogs to a punt on the next series.

In the fourth quarter, Good Hope looked like it was going to score on the next series. But, Good Hope’s defense stepped up and forced Carbon Hill to punt.

Meek Tigers

Despite a three point lead in the first half, Meek was unable to close out a close game against Pickens County. Meek lost 55-58. The Tigers had several chances to close out the game.

The first half saw Meek play hard and give Pickens County fits. The Tigers rushed the ball on all but one of 61 offensive snaps. The game ended in a shootout in the second half.

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The game was tied at 26-26 at halftime. But Meek got hot in the second period. The Tigers scored four times. Meek was led by Brady “Sticks” Gilbreath who had seven points.

The third period saw Meek outscore Addison by nine points. Addison had several chances to close out the game, but they could not score on three of their last four possessions. The Lady Tigers had a chance to close out the game, but they were unable to hit free throws.

Meek had a strong defense in the first half. They forced several turnovers. Meek’s offense also got hot in the second period. They scored on all seven of their drives. Meek had an 8-0 lead after a three-yard touchdown run by Brady Miller with 8:41 left in the first half.

The second period saw the Tigers struggle to stop the passing attack of Pickens County. The Tigers had numerous turnovers, including a fumble which was recovered by Carson Davenport. The Tigers’ final heave was picked off. The Tigers had a chance to score on a desperation half-court shot, but they failed to capitalize.

The fourth period was the money period. Addison broke out the pep band for the game and made the gym a madhouse. The Tigers tried to score on a half-court shot in the final minute of the game, but they were unsuccessful.

The Lady Tigers had a double double with 15 points from Hadley “Shooter” Butler and 12 points from Gracie Manley. The Lady Tigers had a solid defensive performance in the first half and a humbling performance in the second.

The Meek Tigers will have several returning players in the spring and the summer. The Tigers will travel to Curry on Nov. 22 at 6:30 pm.

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