Bibb County Choctaws Beat Hale County Wildcats 49-6

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Bibb County Choctaws Beat Hale County Wildcats 49-6

hale county wildcats football

Bibb County defeated the Hale County Wildcats by a score of 49-6. Bibb County quarterback John Downs scored a touchdown in the game.

Bibb County Choctaws decimated the Hale County Wildcats by a score of 49-6

Bibb County is part of the Mississippi Territory. This territory was organized by the Congress on April 7, 1798. The area was divided into three territories, one of which was Alabama. The area was named for Hon. Ezra Hunt.

Bibb County was constituted in the same year as Shelby and Jefferson counties. Bibb County was first claimed by Georgia. However, on May 12, 1812, Congress annexed the region east of the Pearl River. All lands in the eastern portion of the county were ceded to the newly established United States government.

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In 1819, the city of New London was laid out. It was located just west of the Chattahoochee River. The county was named for Hon. A. G. Harrison. However, upon Bame conditions, Nebraska was admitted into the state.

Bibb County was a territory in Alabama. The war began between rival governments. The armed forces of both sides committed many violent acts. The Free Soil settlers of the area sent funds to the rival government. They included David T. Porter, a prominent citizen of the county. He had abode in Woods’ Fort during the war of 1812-15.

The Confederates were 3,000 strong. They were under the command of Gen. Schofield. The Missouri State Militia surprised the commander and captured him. The 3,000 men were unable to hold the city.

The armed forces of both sides committed many other acts of violence. Two citizens were killed and one was injured. Another citizen was killed while bathing in a creek.

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The Confederates were under the command of Gen. Belmont. He was able to dislodge the forces of Col. Biarmaduke. The Confederates were unable to hold Springfield. They sent the prisoners to St. Louis. They were confined in the Gratiot prison.

After the war, Bibb County became a territory of the United States. The county seat was in Lincoln County. The sessions were fixed to the first Mondays of October and June. The judicial district was abolished for the supreme court’s purposes.

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Mason Dawson was born in 1839. He is a third degree Odd Fellow. His family includes two sons and two daughters. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was also a member of the state militia during the war. He has lived in the United States for 52 years.

Bibb County quarterback John Downs scored a touchdown

Bibb County Choctaws beat Hale County Wildcats by a score of 49-6 in week seven of the 2022 Alabama high school football season. The victory trimmed Hale County’s record to 2-4. The Wildcats will play Dallas County on the road next week.

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The game was a shootout with most of the scoring taking place in the first half. Hale County’s quarterback John Zinnerman was picked off by Bibb County’s Colby Collums. In addition to the interception, Bibb County scored three touchdowns before halftime.

The Hale County Wildcats were able to get a rushing TD by Jay Brown and a touchdown pass from quarterback John Zinnerman. However, the Wildcats were also unable to capitalize on their biggest play of the game. Hale County lost a turnover and went three-and-out on its next possession.

The Bibb County Choctaws were able to take advantage of a holding penalty to pin the Wildcats at their own 25-yard line. In the end, the Choctaws’ quarterback Jaison Taylor scored on a three-yard run. After Taylor’s rushing TD, Bibb County’s defense held Hale County to just five yards on their next drive.

Hale County’s defense didn’t have a strong game. The Wildcats had five turnovers inside their own 25-yard line. One was a 67-yard fumble return by Eri Winters.

In addition to the 67-yard return, Eri Winters also had 10 tackles and one interception. In addition, Landon Johnson had a 91-yard pass completion and two interceptions.

The Bibb County Wildcats have been able to get a few rushing TDs this season. In fact, the team has had five rushing TDs and two kickoff returns. The Wildcats have had six turnovers and five turnovers have happened inside their own 25-yard line. Among the many can’t miss games this season are the ones mentioned above.

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The Bibb County Wildcats will have a tough challenge in their next game against Dallas County. The Wildcats have had a tough season, but they will be able to improve their record to 4-3 on the year. In addition, the Wildcats will have to beat Montevallo on the road next week. The Wildcats have not lost to Bibb County in seven years.

Bibb County wing-T system

Bibb County’s Wing-T system for football can be a bit of a hoot. Unlike the traditional Power-O-Matic style of play, the wing-T is a more modern take on the old single wing scheme developed by Glenn Warner, better known as Pop. In fact, it’s a bit of a fad in the pro game, but at the high school level, the Wing-T is still very effective.

The most efficient way to implement the Wing-T is to get an effective front seven. The line is composed of a center, two guards and two tackles. These players have to be decent athletes. They must also be able to get some movement off the D-linemen.

The most effective use of this scheme is the kick-out block. In a nutshell, this is where the left guard pulls out to the left, and the right back fakies a buck sweep to the left. This is a great power play for short yardage, as it gives the offensive line the chance to flatten the D-linemen, as well as get the quarterback out of the backfield.

In addition to the kick-out block, the wing-T has a few other notable features. One notable feature is the wingback off the tight end. This allows the TB to run a wide swing route. The wing-T also features a classic offensive line set up, with a center and a split end on the weak side. This is a good way to protect against the pass rush, and mitigate the absence of Crawford.

The wing-T has also got a number of other notable features, including an effective passing game and an efficient ground game. For instance, if the defense fails to pressure the quarterback, the Wing-T is an excellent way to drain the clock, allowing the Choctaws to churn out scores. Another feature is a mobile quarterback, which gives the team a unique edge against the opposition. These quarterbacks can run the QB counter or the zone read.

One other noteworthy feature of the Wing-T is the use of a reverse pivot, which allows the quarterback to move the secondary with his eyes. This is a very small detail, but it is an important one.

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Bibb County season ended

Bibb County ended the regular season with a 49-6 victory over Hale County. The win improves Bibb County’s record to 4-3. Hale County had an opportunity to make it a close game with two third quarter touchdowns, but the Wildcats made a costly mistake with eight minutes left.

Hale County quarterback John Zinnerman threw an interception to Bibb County’s Colby Collums, and the Choctaws responded with a nine-play, 76-yard drive for a touchdown. Colby Collums ended the first half with 63 yards rushing and a punt return touchdown.

Hale County drove the ball down the field in the second quarter. The Wildcats marched down the field to the end zone with just under seven minutes left in the half. Downs found Chris Billingsley for a 63-yard touchdown pass. Downs also had a 31-yard touchdown pass to Colby Collums. The two-point conversion attempt failed.

The Tigers defense forced two fumbles. The second one was a high snap that gave CCHS a safety. Downs was 5-of-8 for 88 yards and a touchdown. He was sacked twice, and the Ironmen lost two fumbles on eight first half possessions.

Bibb County’s offense put together three touchdowns in the first quarter. Jakobe Worthy caught three passes for 45 yards. Colby Collums had a 17-yard touchdown connection with Downs. Downs also handed the ball off to Taylor, who rushed for 88 yards on seven carries. Then Taylor scored on a 26-yard run.

Hale County scored an 11-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. The Wildcats had a two-point conversion, but the lead was cut to 28-12. Downs threw an interception on the next drive. Bibb County then scored a touchdown with two minutes left in the game.

Hale County fell to 2-4 on the year. The Wildcats will play Dallas County on the road next week. They are in the back half of the region schedule. They are now 4-4 in the region.

Matt Geohagan has 65 wins at Bibb County High School. He won the region in his first year and advanced to the first round of the state playoffs. He was awarded the Tuscaloosa News Class 4A/5A Coach of the Year for his efforts.

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