BCHS Football – First Down Runs and 2-Point Conversions

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BCHS Football – First Down Runs and 2-Point Conversions

bchs football

Despite all the hype surrounding the BCHs Football team this season, the Bulldogs have a lot of things to work on. The first being a First down run. The second being a Game-winning 2-point conversion.

First-down run

Usually referred to as “first and 10”, a first-down run in BCHS football can be described as a run by an attacking player that reaches the first down line within ten yards of the goal line. The attacking team is given a new first down and the defending team must either bring the ball past the line or punt. A successful run on the first down line fools the defending team into believing that the opponent will continue running. However, if the attacking team is not able to move the ball past the line, the offensive team is forced to punt in fourth-down position. If the punt goes into the end zone, it is a touchdown and the offensive team scores. If the ball is punted in fourth-down position, the opponent must run extra yards.

The first-down run in BCHS football was a play in which the Eagles advanced the ball from its own twelve-yard line to its opponent’s 29-yard line with 7:07 left in the first half. The team made a pitch to junior running back Brandon Smith, who ran the ball down the left sideline for a touchdown. The score advanced the Eagles to the second round of the Division II section playoffs. The victory put the Eagles in good position for a chance to qualify for the Division IV state playoffs.

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The BCHS defense held Mission Oak to seven points over the course of the second half, and the Eagles led 34-28 with just under a minute to play. The defense also held the Hawks to two first-downs, including a pair of fourth-down conversions and a two-point conversion. The Eagles scored twice more in the first quarter, a five-yard run by Carson Crawford and a 53-yard pass from Roman Doles to Damani Dent.

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On the Eagles’ next drive, the offense picked up a first-down run when junior running back Brandon Smith scored on a pitch from BCHS quarterback Brandon Jones. The scoring play was the last play of a drive that also saw senior linebacker Grant Bauma intercept a pass from Hawks quarterback Trey McJunkin.

After a few defensive stops, the Eagles picked up another first-down on the final drive of the season. Junior running back Brandon Smith finished the drive with 117 yards on the ground. He also ran for a 27-yard gain on his first carry of the season after tackling a tackler.

On the next play, the Eagles set up first-and-10 at the Wildcats’ twelve-yard line. The BCHS defense made some key stops, stuffed a run attempt, and stopped the Wildcats on a third-and-goal on their 42-yard line. The Eagles then punted to Baker County, a move that moved the ball closer to the end zone and gave the team a better field position. A false start penalty gave the offense a first-down.

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Game-winning 2-point conversion

Using the two-point conversion, or attempting to do so, can be a game-winning move if done correctly. It’s an option that’s not always taken advantage of. However, some teams are better at it than others. They may be down by a few points or fear a comeback from the other team. They could decide to do it when they’re running out of time to score a touchdown. Using the two-point conversion can be a smart move when the team leading the game wants to score a touchdown.

To perform the two-point conversion, a kicker throws the ball to an offensive player. The offensive player then runs or passes the ball to a teammate. This play is not included in the game’s stats.

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The two-point conversion has a much higher expected point value than a PAT kick. The expected point value is calculated by calculating the success rate of two-point conversions and multiplying that number by the number of points awarded. In 2016, the average two-point conversion was above the PAT, with 40 percent of them being successful. According to Football Prospectus, the two-point conversion is better than the PAT because it reduces the number of touchdowns that need to be scored. However, since the two-point conversion attempt is a short scrimmage, the average gain is only a few yards.

The best time to attempt the two-point conversion is in the fourth quarter. The first team to do so has a better chance of winning the game. If the team in question is leading by a touchdown, the two-point conversion might be the smartest move, because they can count on a few chances to score a field goal on their next drive. However, if the lead is on the brink of being erased, or if the defense is doing its job, the two-point conversion might not be the best way to proceed.

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There are several ways to perform the two-point conversion. One common method is to treat it like a touchdown, and kick the ball to the team’s holder. Another is to make a trick play, such as snapping the ball to the kicker. Using the trick-play option might be a little more difficult than the traditional method. For example, in the BCHS game last week, the Yellow Jackets went for the two-point conversion after the Eagles scored their first touchdown. The offense went 60 yards through three quarters.

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Although the two-point conversion is a little more difficult to execute, it’s an excellent option when the lead is on the brink of being out of reach. The best time to do it is in the fourth quarter, if the team leading the game wants to win. The two-point conversion is a great way to cut the lead in half and reduce the number of touchdowns needed to win.

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