Ashville High School – An Overview

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Ashville High School – An Overview

ashville high school

Whether you are a student, parent, or community member, it is important to take a close look at the Ashville High School in order to make the best decision regarding your child’s education. There are several factors to consider, including student population, number of full-time teachers, suspension rates, and overall test scores.

Diversity score of 0.38

Among the four high schools in the St Clair County School District, Ashville High School stands out as the top notch. With a student population of 371 and a student:teacher ratio of 17:1, Ashville High School is well-equipped to tackle the challenges ahead. In fact, its math proficiency score is better than that of many state schools.

The school’s diversity score is a tad less than the state average of 0.61. The school also ranks well for the number of full time teachers, with 22.4. The student:teacher ratio is a close match to the state’s average of 17:1. The school’s most popular courses are math and computer science, and it has the distinction of being the first school in St Clair County to offer an accelerated high school curriculum. A total of $13,515 is spent on average for each student, a figure that has risen by 12% over the last four years.

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The school also offers a free lunch program for every student, and has a tuition free program for students who qualify. In addition, the school is located in an area that is referred to as the hood by the locals. As a result, the town’s median household income is nearly half that of the surrounding communities.

Number of full-time teachers

Located in Ashville, North Carolina, Ashville High School is one of two secondary schools in the Asheville City Schools system. The school provides academic support, encourages students to become lifelong learners, and focuses on encouraging positive self-concepts. The school’s mission is to ensure all students are college or career ready.

Ashville High School has a Student-Teacher Ratio of 18.8. This compares with the Alabama state average of 17:1. Ashville High School also has a minority enrollment of 23%. The minority population at Ashville High School is mainly Hispanic. However, the diversity score is 0.38, which is lower than the state average of 0.61.

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Overall test scores at Ashville High School place it in the bottom half of schools in the state. The number of students achieving proficiency in reading/language arts is 30-34%, which is lower than the state average of 45%. The number of students achieving proficiency in math is 47%, which is equal to the state average.

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Ashville High School has a declining student population, with a decline of 19% over five years. The number of students who are economically disadvantaged at Ashville High School is 63%. The number of students whose parents have a high school diploma is 82%, which is higher than the state average of 62%.

Academic programs offered

Located in St Clair County, Alabama, Ashville High School has been a part of the Ashville City Schools system for over two decades. It is the second secondary school in the system, behind the School of Inquiry and Life Sciences at Asheville. The high school enrolls more than 390 students in grades 9-12. It is a public school that follows the state’s public education policies and procedures.

The school offers a wide range of academic programs, including Advanced Placement(r) coursework, sports, fine arts, and more. It is also home to a media center and a Beta Club. The school also has a physical education department and a special education department. The building is designed by Douglas Ellington and was built in 1927. A new cafeteria was added in 2006. The school also has a strong program in career technical education. It has been ranked as one of the 75 best high schools in Alabama.

The school offers an Advanced Placement(r) program which is administered by the College Board. There is also a robust program in the arts, including classes in music and theatre. A few of the other academic programs offered at Ashville High School include AVID, an art and science program, and the Marine Corps JROTC.

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Placement in the bottom 50% of all schools in Alabama for overall test scores

Among the plethora of public and private schools in Alabama, Straughn High School stands out from the crowd with its 380 students in grades nine through twelve. Despite a relatively low student population, the school has the highest per capita spending per student of any in the state. As a result, its student to teacher ratio is on par with most of its contemporaries. With the proper education, a student from this school can be well on their way to a prosperous and productive adulthood. The school’s motto is to give all students an equal shot at college prep. Those that make the cut will have the opportunity to excel in a wide variety of academic disciplines. The school’s website boasts an impressive alumni list. In fact, it has the highest number of alumni of any public school in the state of Alabama.

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The school is part of the Chickasaw City School system, which encompasses three schools with roughly 1,000 students apiece. In addition to the standard fare, there are numerous enrichment programs for advanced students, as well as after-school programs for those who just can’t keep up with the class.

Student population has declined 19% over five school years

Approximately 19 percent of the students attending Ashville High School have dropped out of the school over the last five years. The school employs 22 full-time teachers, a counselor, a librarian, and 3 special education teachers.

School officials say they are seeing a large influx of students in the pre-kindergarten and elementary grades. The number of new transfer student enrollments was the lowest since 2013. They believe this “mirrors national trends.”

First-time freshmen and new graduate student enrollments were down in 2022. The number of high school graduates projected to be at the 2015 level is projected to drop through 2037.

The number of Alabama high school graduates entering state colleges declined 5% in 2020. The number of students not from Alabama increased 18.1% over the last five years.

There were also declines in the enrollment of students from poor and rural districts. Overall, all school districts experienced a decline of at least one percent.

A total of 63,000 fewer students were enrolled in public schools during the fall of 2020. Public school enrollments have decreased 7 percent since the 2014-15 school year. The decline could have a financial impact on the UNC System, according to state education officials. The UNC System receives state funding. They plan to ask lawmakers for additional funding next year.

Sports teams

Located in Ashville, Alabama, Ashville High School (AHS) has been around since 1835. The school enrolls more than 390 students in grades 9-12. In addition to its athletics programs, Ashville High School also offers classes in the arts, sciences, and special education. During the school year, AHS operates a beta club and a media center, among other things.

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The AHS mascot is the Green Wave. A kelly green and white combo has been in fashion for more than a century. The school is also home to the Ashville Sports Foundation, which is dedicated to community development and giving. The foundation’s most notable accomplishment is donating a million dollars to the local high school sports teams, a number that’s swell considering the town’s high school sports programs are among the best in the state.

The AHS football team is set to kick off their season tonight against the St. Clair County Fighting Saints at 7 p.m. The team is set to boast 20 senior players, including quarterback Brad Dowdell, who’s been on a hot streak of late. Aside from its storied football program, the school also has an excellent track and field program. In fact, it was named the state’s top track and field program in 2007.

The AHS has a well-rounded sports program, albeit one that’s seen some color changes over the years. Aside from football, the school also fields a baseball team, a girls’ basketball team, and a cheerleading squad.

Suspension rates for students with disabilities

Historically, students with disabilities have been suspended at significantly higher rates than students without disabilities. Disproportionate suspensions of students with disabilities are often caused by punitive discipline policies. A guidance package is now available to support states in transitioning away from punitive discipline practices and toward research-based restorative practices.

Disproportionate suspensions of students with special needs have been documented in numerous studies. In most cases, students with disabilities are suspended twice as often as their peers.

Disproportionate suspensions are a major concern for the Education Justice Alliance. According to their research, school leaders and educators have a history of disproportionately suspending students with disabilities. In some cases, educators have removed students from their classrooms.

Using data from the Civil Rights Data Collection, researchers analyzed suspension rates by race, gender, and disability. Their findings showed that students of color with disabilities are suspended at higher rates than their peers. Students of color are also more likely to be suspended from school.

Students with disabilities represent 13.2 percent of the student population in the United States. Disproportionate suspensions of students of color with disabilities are still common, but have decreased in recent years. In addition, the overall suspension rate has decreased since the early 2010s. However, gaps in discipline continue to widen, particularly for traditionally disadvantaged students.

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