Asbury High School Needs a New Principal

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Asbury High School Needs a New Principal

asbury high school

Hopefully we will see a new principal at Asbury High School after the departure of current principal Kathy Baumgardner. Asbury has had a slew of suspensions for students with disabilities and as community resources are virtually non-existent, a speech therapist is needed as soon as possible.

Suspension rates for students with disabilities at auburn high school

Approximately, one in five Black students with disabilities received at least one out-of-school suspension in the 2017-18 school year. This is about a 2.5-times higher rate than white students. These findings are based on data from the Civil Rights Data Collection, which collects data on suspensions and expulsions.

Students with disabilities comprise about 18 percent of the total student body. They are also suspended at a lower rate than their peers without disabilities. The gap between the suspension rates of Black students with disabilities and white students has narrowed over the past few years.

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Overall, suspension rates have decreased since the early 2010s. This decrease was accompanied by efforts of the Obama administration. These efforts include the issuance of a guidance package, which supports states in implementing research-based restorative practices. It also encourages states to move away from punitive discipline policies.

Researchers have previously identified a number of factors that contributed to the disproportionate rates of suspensions. These include poor educator preparation, ineffective school leadership, and inequitable resource allocation. These factors may have contributed to educators removing students with disabilities from the classroom.

The suspension rate for students without disabilities was 2.7 percent in 2012-2013. Overall, suspension rates have decreased in the U.S. since 2011. The suspension rate is also lower than it was in the 1970s. In 1973, the overall rate was 4%.

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Suspension rates vary widely from state to state, and they are concentrated in the secondary school level. Students who are suspended are more likely to drop out, repeat a grade, and be involved in the criminal justice system.

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Overall, suspension rates have decreased since 2011-12. This decrease is accompanied by policies of the Obama administration, which support states in changing their discipline practices.

New principal to replace Kathy Baumgardner

Despite an infusion of new blood and a restructure of the district, Asbury Park High School has had a tough year. Last year, the school saw 22 incidents of violence, including one case of a student holding a gun. In addition, the school saw a six-point drop in English Language Arts proficiency over the last three years.

There have been some positive developments in the past month, however. A new principal was installed at Asbury High School, and the school district will soon announce a middle school for grades 4-6. But, despite the good news, there are still some unanswered questions. For one thing, some parents are concerned that 12-year-olds will be trumped by 18-year-olds. The district is also restructuring due to declining enrollment.

One of the new high school’s goals is to prepare students for career readiness. It also plans to offer two elementary schools for grades k-3.

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The new principal has a bachelor’s degree from Jersey City College and a master’s degree from Teachers College at Columbia University. She previously served as assistant principal at the Harlem Children’s Zone in New York. She has also been an adjunct professor in the English Department at Rutgers. O’Neill is also a Fulbright Scholar, which is a fancy way of saying she’s been a student.

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The Asbury Park High School’s motto is “It’s Time for a New Start,” and the new principal has a plan. It will likely include the implementation of programs recommended by the Director of Student Services, Kristie Howard. The new principal also has to take over for the retiring Kathy Baumgardner, a 19-year veteran of the district.

The most important part is that the new principal is the right person for the job. She’s passionate about the future of public education and will use her experience to make a positive impact on the lives of Asbury Park High School students.


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State operating agency

During the past three decades, Asbury Park Public Schools have been in decline. The school has lost money for 30 years, while its enrollment continues to fall. Asbury Park is also one of 31 Abbott districts in New Jersey, which receives extra state aid. This aid is called Adjustment Aid.

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Asbury Park’s school spending is broken into five categories. These categories include: tuition, books and supplies, pension costs, and contracted services. Approximately 11 percent of the school’s budget goes to contracted services. Another category includes excessive staff travel.

The state Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) has launched an investigation into Asbury Park Public Schools after an allegation was made by the ACLU. The office cited a pattern of racial discrimination in the school’s placements.

The Office of Special Education Programs found that Asbury Park had a 19 percent placement rate for students with special needs. In addition, 47 percent of third graders failed the basic skills test in math. Only 2 percent of Asbury High School seniors scored above 1550 on the SATs.

The OSEP’s report showed that Lakewood had the highest placement rate in Ocean County. The investigation also found that evaluations of the Lakewood teams were biased. In addition, Lakewood teams were accused of referring hasidic students to outside placements.

After the settlement, the state Office of Special Education Programs agreed to unconditionally withdraw the report from the department’s files. The state also agreed to create a 10-member community advisory board. This board was to help the district develop more racially diverse preschool programs. Eleanor Newton was to lead the advisory group. After the settlement, she exchanged e-mails with the district.

The Asbury Park school budget is available online. It is in a user-friendly format. It contains information on tuition, books and supplies, pension costs, contracted services, and private programs.

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